Project Info

TABLE is an Erasmus Plus European project that intends to deliver an innovative training system based on micro-learning opportunities to i-VET teachers in the furniture and wood sector.


Educational tips: learning snacks for i-VET teachers in the furniture and wood sector:

The project will deliver high quality material for the I-VET teachers as it’s strictly important nowadays to investing in sustainable practices for the preservation of natural resources and waste management starting from school education. The training course is also innovative as it facing sustainability challenging also matching the needs of the SMEs that needs to adapt to new ways of manufacturing and logistic to comply with the European rules.

The I-VET teachers will have the chance to learn anytime, anywhere and according to their learning methodology. Furthermore, the online learning environment will leave the chances to teachers to interchange their knowledge and upload scenario-based material to implement in class with their students.


Guidelines for the proper implementation of the Education for Sustainable Development into VET course in the field of furniture and wood:

TABLE wants to support I-VET teachers and professional training providers with the proper pedagogical guidelines to implement and deliver the online learning environment and learning material with an innovative and participative approach. Within the guidelines also best practices will be collected in order to support teachers to implement sustainability into their courses.

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