Last Thursday, July 22, the consortium partners of the European TABLE project held their second transnational meeting to discuss the progress of the activities planned for the achievement of the final objective: to offer a sustainability training system based on microlearning opportunities for VET teachers in the furniture and wood sector.

This second consortium meeting of the TABLE project was to have been held in a face-to-face meeting at AMUEBLA’s facilities in Spain, but due to restrictions resulting from the COVID pandemic, the partners decided to hold it remotely using the online platform Zoom.

The main topic to be discussed during this meeting was the development and progress of WP4 – IO1 – Educational Tips: Learnings snacks for I-VET teachers in the furniture and wood sector. At the same time, a detailed review was made of all the project management and dissemination activities carried out to date, as well as the upcoming activities to be developed during the next few months, especially in view of the preparation of the interim progress report.

Lastly, partners discussed the possibility of holding the next consortium meeting in person in Romania, so they set a date for that third meeting, which will be held on December 14th, 15th, and 16th 2021, foreseeably in the city of Brașov.