The TABLE project held its transnational Learning, Training and Teaching Activity

On January 11th, 12th and 21st, the Learning, Training and Teaching Activity planned within the TABLE project was carried out online to hold a discussion about the first draft of the training materials and to prepare the floor for the adaptation to distant learning.

This activity should have been held in person at the headquarters of the Transylvanian Furniture Cluster in Cluj-Napoca (Romania), but due to the increase of COVID cases, the project partners decided to hold it online to ensure the safety of all participants.

The LTTA activity was hosted by the University of Transylvania in collaboration with its research centre Innovative Technologies and Advances products in Wood industry and the training centre of the university.

Furthermore, to better connect the partner organizations with the situation of the SMEs in the furniture and wood sector in Europe, external stakeholders were invited to participate. In total 23 persons took part in the three-day training event and provided valuable to improve the training modules presented. Besides the project partners’ organizations, stakeholders from theTransilvanian Furniture Cluster, the Forestry Technological High School Dr. Nicolae Rucăreanu (Romania) and the Technological Centre of Furniture and Wood CETEM (Spain) attended the online workshops.

The goals of this activity were:

– To train the participants about the project topics as they will act as ambassador of the project.

– To pilot internally the project results and draw the first pedagogical guidelines about how to properly teach the educational material.

– Allow external participants and project partners to learn from each other according to the experience of their organization.

– To create a European force team in the field of sustainability of the furniture and wood sector.