How can the TABLE project benefit you?

Do you want to know more about our TABLE project on environmental sustainability in the furniture and wood sector? Pay attention to the comic we have made for you!

The TABLE project presents its training grid

The TABLE consortium has been moving the first steps towards the development of the “Educational tips: learning snacks for I-VET teachers in the furniture and wood sector”, the first Intellectual Output of the project.

The TABLE project presents its first video

TABLE will work towards increasing exchanges between teachers and experts working in the field of furniture and sustainable development, thus increasing the possibilities of peer learning and building bridges between different European realities.

Get to know the TABLE consortium

The project partners represent a net of bi-lateral collaborations among the different partners in the field of education in the wood and furniture sector and sustainable development.

Learn about the TABLE project goals

The idea behind the project is to give teachers new knowledge about environmental sustainability and reduction of the consumption of natural resources to increase the engagement of students into vet programmes related to furniture.